Get connected to endless warehousing

Need to find space?

Instantly book space across multiple warehouse providers. Add on transportation services to fulfil orders to your customers.

Have space to sell?

Get instant access to more buyers, connect your existing systems, including WMS, and visualise your space utilisation, so you can manage your site in real time.

Sell your space

Why partner with Storekat?

Storekat is on a mission to revolutionise the logistics industry.

Increasing certainty and providing efficiencies across the global supply chain has never been more important, Storekat provides a trusted, centralised platform to do this whilst reducing costs for both sides of the market.

Worker distributing items.


Store things anywhere and everywhere. Store a single order across multiple sites with trusted partners.

Centralised warehouse space.


Control tower level management visualising the entire supply chain.

Boxes on palette.


Seamless integration with Warehouse and Transport partners.

Box on conveyor.


Automated supply chain analytics that learns with you to future proof your forward planning.